The Most Popular Coffee Questions and Their Snappy Replies

Q.      Is the coffee shade grown?

A.      All of our coffees are specialty coffees grown on old coffee plantations that use the shade grown methods.  (Our coffees make the birds sing.)

 Q.      Are they Arabica beans?

A.      100% of our coffees are Arabica, pronounced A-Rab-Ick-Ah.

 Q.      What process is used to decaffeinate your coffee?

A.      We subscribe to both the Swiss Water Process (Sumatran), and the Methylene Chloride method.  It has been shown that no detectable traces have been found on roasted coffee of this method. The chemicals used to decaffeinate the coffees burn off at 104 degrees:  the coffee is roasted between 400-440 degrees and then brewed at water higher than 200 degrees.


Q.      How much coffee should I use?

A.      Measure the way you usually measure your coffee, but when in doubt, we suggest using 2 1/2 to 3 level Tbls. per 8 oz. mug of water.


Q.      Which coffee has the most caffeine?

A.      Specialty coffees naturally have less caffeine than commercial coffees. Strength of coffee is not an indicator of caffeine content. With respect to all we offer, only the decaffeinated is significantly  less than the others.


Q.      Which is the strongest coffee?

A.      Strength is a subjective quality. The blends with more french roasted beans in them tend to taste heavier and stronger.


Q.      How should I store my specialty coffee?

A.      Air and moisture are the biggest enemies of fresh coffee.  Keep the coffee tightly sealed in the bag in which it arrives.  DO NOT refrigerate or freeze the coffees.  The delicate oils in the coffees are affected by repeated freezing and thawing and that will adversely affect the flavor.


Q.      What’s the best way to brew the coffee?

A.      We prefer the AeroPress method.  That method extracts more of the flavor, and adds a certain panache to the coffee brewing ritual. It does, however, greatly limit the amount you can brew at any one time.


Q.      What drip-type brewer do you recommend?

A.      Any type that can be sure to get the water temperature being between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.


Q.      Where do the beans come from?

A.      There are three major coffee growing regions, Latin America, Indonesia, and  Africa.  We have selected coffees from each of these areas.


Q.      How long will the coffee remain fresh?

A.      Coffee remains fresher longer in the whole bean state.  If kept in the closed airtight bag it will remain fresh for 7-10 days.  As coffee stales, it loses some of its nuances but it won’t be harmful to you.  It is best to buy in smaller quantities more frequently.


Q.      Does Carpe Diem offer Fair Trade Organic Coffees?

A.      Yes, we are MOFGA certified (Maine Organic Farmers and Growers   Association) and Fair Trade Certified. We offer four varietals; Peruvian, Mexican and Decaf of each.  We have combined the two high test beans for our Foggy Morning Blend in regular and decaf, and have french roasted the same for an organic French Roast Blend.  Naturally, the decaf is a Swiss Water processed decaf.  The Fair Trade Coffees are priced at an additional fifty-cent premium.


Q.      Who’s your favorite coffee roaster?

A.      If you can’t answer this than we haven’t done our job.  Hope this helps

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