We are open Monday – Thursday

9:00 – 5:00

“Due to the Corona Virus…”

Do you usually get your coffee at our roasting facility, in North Berwick, Maine? If so, things have changed a bit. Please call in your order, 207-676-2233. You will be able to pick up your coffee in our “loading dock” area (located on the left side of the building near the back), you’ll see a large, white garage door and next to that is a regular sized door. Just go through that door and you will see your coffee with your name on it.

Thank you so much for your business. We are primarily a wholesale roasting company, and many of our wholesale customers have had to temporarily close. It is you, the mail-order and “in house” customers who are keeping our little company afloat.

We are so lucky and so grateful to all of you!



Congratulations! You found us. We know there are a lot of coffee roasters out there all competing for your attention. AND we also know how finicky website addresses can be. Just misplace one letter and you could end up at a rug store! We have put a lot of effort into our new site to make it easier to navigate. If you see some glaring mistakes feel free to inform us. We’re hip to change; it has only taken us about ten years to spruce up our old site. And now that we have entered a new decade, we have begun to dabble in Facebook too. Miracles happen every day!

So, peruse our offerings of freshly roasted Maine coffee. Tell your friends about our freshly roasted Maine coffee. And then drink our freshly roasted Maine coffee. We found out today that we don’t use the phrase freshly roasted Maine coffee enough, so it makes it hard for you new comers to find us. Hopefully this will help.