COFFEE… now, it may not make the sun come up every morning, but really now, who’d want to face that bright light without being able to salute it with the hot, strong darkness you pour into a cup?
COFFEE… it may BE creative juice – it’s the energetic force that enhances our IQs and refreshes our labors.
COFFEE… it spices friendships, forces committees to make rational decisions – it even dispels bad hair days. But hey! Not every coffee can accomplish such feats.

We all know the disappointment of dishwater-weak, wimpy brews we encounter sometimes. That’s why we at CARPE DIEM Coffee Roasting Company want to make our coffee available to you anywhere, anytime. We’re CARPE DIEM. Remember, it means “seize the day,” and it fits because so many of us seize our favorite cup to start the day. It has to be the right mug, just as it has to be the right coffee. At CARPE DIEM Coffee Roasting Company, we roast Arabica, the beans that grow up high – 4,000 to 6,000 feet up. Now, most of us started on Robusta – it’s the ordinary stuff, grown lower and in greater profusion. There’s more of it, it’s easy to grow and harvest, but it’s just not as good. You know, it’s that old quality versus quantity question.

And for us at CARPE DIEM, the answer is easy – but it’s not simple. See, Arabica comes from many places around our coffee-loving globe. We seek out these beans from Central America, Africa, and Asia. We roast them very carefully, in small batches to ensure even roasting, and package them in our unique containers. These heat-sealed bags have a one-way air valve to let carbon dioxide (a natural by-product) escape while stubbornly refusing to let oxygen in. Once you open the bag, you can easily reseal it for freshness. So, what’s up with these aromatic Arabicas? Well, we blend them to take maximum creative advantage of their special regional characteristics. What are they? Glad you asked. Flavor is the sum-total impression – in your nose and on your tongue – of acidity, body and aroma.

ACIDITY is deceptive. Scientifically measured, coffee is only about as acidic as a raw carrot. But, it’s important in the taste because it gives it that cleansing, lively taste that comprises much of coffee’s “wake-up” thing. BODY is the perceived thickness of coffee on the tongue. And AROMA is the fragrance – each blend is unique.

We use different roasting methods to enhance these characteristics. Full City Roast is our lightest; French Roast is darker, and Espresso is our darkest. We blend coffees from different parts of the world for different moods, purposes, and atmospheres.

We roast our coffees with pride in Maine.