A varietal is one straight coffee. We use only the best Arabica varietals available. Our Full City roast is our lighter roast and our French Roast our darker. If the degrees of darkness were on a scale from grocery store coffee being the lightest and Starbuck’s the darkest our roasts would fall just right of center.

While our raw beans arrive from throughout the world, our coffees are roasted in Maine with pride.


  1. Medium Roast
  2. Loose Leaf
  3. Silk Bags
  4. Dark Roast
  5. Decaf
  6. Hi-Test

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    • Colombian Supremo 1lb

      Price: $12.00

      This varietal is often described as the most balanced bean. It has a nice smooth taste with a full cup flavor.

      MOCOL1 1LB
    • Costa Rican Tarrazu 1lb

      Price: $12.00

      This varietal has a bright, clean taste. It stands up well alone or blended with other coffees.

      MOCOSTA1 1LB
    • French Roast Kenya AA 1lb

      Price: $12.90

      Our full-bodied, rich Kenya AA roasted deeper and darker

      MOFRKEN1 1LB
    • French Roast Sumatra 1lb

      Price: $12.90

      This is a large bean and takes a dark roast well, definitely for those who enjoy a dark, earthy, full cup

      MOSUMFR1 1LB
    • Indonesian Estate Java 1lb

      Price: $12.90

      One of the oldest coffees; peppery and exotic

      MOINDO1 1LB
    • Kenya AA 1lb

      Price: $12.90

      Bright, rich and sweet with a hint of black berry. One of our favorites.

      MOKENYA1 1LB
    • Sumatra Mandheling (Full City) 1lb

      Price: $12.90

      Full-bodied, deep and earthy. Stands well alone but add a deepness when blended with other coffees.

      MOSUM1 1LB