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    • Holiday 2020

      Price: $34.50

      Have you missed your family and friends?

      Let them know by sending something that will warm their souls and inspire them to pull up those sweats and, well….

      maybe that’s enough for one day.

      Carpe Diem is offering our same deal as last year,

      (because something has to stay the same),

      3 bags of coffee (your choice)

      or multiples of 3

      wrapped in cellophane (or not) with a red bow

      still $34.50 plus shipping

      Type in the coffees you’d like and let us know what you’d like your message to say.


      Due to the increased volume at USPS and UPS, your order may take a little longer to arrive. We, at Carpe Diem, will process your order per usual, but our powers are limited once your coffee leaves our facility.

      Have patience with our stressed delivery partners.

      Thank you.

      This “special” expires on 12/20/2020


      hohohohum 4LB


      Don’t drag yourself out of bed, only to discover that…
      Carpe Diem would like you to avoid that ghastly realization.
      We are offering a SUBSCRIPTION SPECIAL!
      You choose your coffees and the frequency of delivery and we will offer you a special price…
      $11.50 per pound (non-organic) and $12.00 per pound for organics
      (plus shipping).
      The catch?
      Well, yes there is a catch. You cannot set this up through our website. You will have to call us 1-888-676-2233. Please, mention the “SUBSCRIPTION SPECIAL” when you call.
      This is a pay-as-you-go subscription, so don’t worry about having to pay ahead.